Speaking of Sustainability…

Did you know that textile waste is the second largest polluter of the environment behind fossil fuels, and that the average person discards 70 pounds of textile material per year? Years ago, I worked for Interface, the world’s largest designer and maker of modular carpet tile, and it was the first time I heard the word sustainability.  It was a belief that trickled down from the Founder of Interface (and CEO at the time), Ray Anderson, 20+ years ago.  He called his vision Mission Zero, and its goal was “To be the first company that, by its deeds, shows the entire industrial world what sustainability is in all its dimensions: People, process, product, place and profits — by 2020 — and in doing so we will become restorative through the power of influence.”

Such bold goals are more common now, but in 1987, that kind of a statement was unheard of and considered audacious.

With sustainability an important —  if not essential —  part of many business strategies today, I’m reposting this blog from Allison Warren, a client I worked with in launching her company, Modernplum, who shares her view on sustainability.

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