Issues & Crisis Management

Crisis and Communications PR in ChicagoCrisis situations can happen anytime to any business. In the age of the 24-hour news cycle, real-time responsiveness and speed are vital in any crisis management situation. The biggest mistake is failure to plan.

Being able to act quickly and definitively is imperative.

I excel at handling issues under pressure and can counsel you and your organization throughout any crisis situation.  The experience I bring to the table includes:

  • Spearheading all communications activities for 30 manufacturing facilities throughout the U.S., including labor relations/union negotiations, workplace safety and environmental issues, layoffs and plant closings.
  • Ensuring all company messages were communicated effectively to media, employees, the community and government officials.
  • Observing Federal Court proceedings on white collar crime cases, listening to FBI witnesses, reporting back to CEOs.
  • Counseling businesses on what to do/how to respond when media has been outside their door.

Having a Crisis Communications Plan in place in advance of a crisis helps reduce misinformation, assures an effective communication flow, and increases the timeliness of messaging. I can work with you to develop these important documents that companies of any size should have:

  • Crisis Communications Plan
  • Emergency Action Plan (EAP)

Additionally, to help protect and defend an individual or organization facing a public challenge to its reputation, I can quickly and efficiently provide:

  • Strategic counsel & on-site crisis management support
  • Message development
  • Preparedness planning
  • Media relations